2018-04-24 America – Great Again and Secure Again?

An assessment of the Trump administration

  • Datum: 24.04.2018
  • Uhrzeit: 18:00 Uhr
  • Art: Lecture
  • Referent: Prof. Dr. Paul Rundquist
  • Ort: Audimax der CAU, Hörsaal A
  • Eintritt: frei

The 2016 presidential campaign was one of the most polarizing in modern American history. When Donald Trump won the presidency, he promised that he would govern for all the American people. Pundits, policymakers, and politicians expected him to tone down his polarizing rhetoric and move to a more traditional tone in governing. The question is: Has Donald Trump done so?

Prof. Rundquist will discuss the general direction of U.S. foreign policy under the Trump Administration and specific relations with Europe. He will also focus on the changing security policy environment in Washington, which will include changes in homeland security and anti-terrorism policies, and the expected major increase in defense spending.

Paul Rundquist is adjunct professor of American politics and society at the Institute for American Studies at the University of Leipzig. Prior to coming to Germany, he served some thirty years at the Congressional Research Service in Washington DC as a preeminent expert on executive-legislative relations and the functioning of the U.S. federal government. During that time, he also taught at American University, George Washington University, and Catholic University of America, all in Washington.

Lecture in cooperation with the Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (ISPK)


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